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    R5WaterXRacing 1st annual GP Tri-Cycle Tour....

    R5WaterXRacing is pleased to offer The 1st annual R5WaterXRacing GP Tri-Cycle Tour!!
    This series will consist of a 7 round series with a 1 round drop allowed and the FINAL race being worth DOUBLE points!

    The rules for the GP TRIKE Race are as follows:

    1). This is a class as it states GP, Meaning all trikes can be full mod with the exception that the frame must be of OEM Specs and made of Carbon Fiber or titanium or stock frame. There is NO weight requirement.

    2). You may use your OWN Trike or you may use one provided with the exception that the one provided may be of STOCK OEM form and may not be Modded!

    3). This will be a BLIND FOLDED race and you must have a Partner (Guide) to sit at the finish line to tell you which way to go. There will be NO PRACTICE on the main track and you will not know the track at all due to the track being laid out AFTER the blindfold is placed on you.

    4). You must stay seated on the TRIKE during the race at ALL times. If you stand up you will be DQ'D!

    5). Cheaters will be dealt with Swiftly by having to race the race with VASELINE on the pedals, and or on the bottome of their shoes!!

    6). The entry fee for the race will be $3.00 and this will be a PAYOUT class.

    7). The races will consist of a 3 Moto 6 lap Format.

    . Round 1 will be held on Friday April 18th at Gene's Powersports on the GP TRIKE TRACK under the lights at Approx 8 to 9pm, with Round 2 being Saturday Night April 19th Same time same place! Rounds 3,4,5,6,7 are at their respected race sites.

    9). Helmets will be required..NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    10). Entries will be done ON SITE! So come Early and get your name in!

    For more information or if you would like to DONATE a Trike to this GREAT event please contact us at:
    or call 214-498-3592

    This is guaranteed to be a BAR BANGIN, BOTTOM BUSTING good time. So Grease up your wheels and get your Game on because this is NO JOKE and is for real!!!

    R5 WaterXRacing,LLC

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    Due to the many inquiries and requests for varifications...BIG WHEELS will be allowed in the GP Trike class.

    That is all...CARRY ON

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