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    Am I in trouble, Need HELP!!

    Ok i was changing my oil to get my machine ready for the new season, and well on the hose i use to suck out the oil , i had a little tape line to mark how far down i should go, and for stupid reason the tape came off down inside the dipstick area , an most likely went down into the crank area, the piece of tape was fairly small. But my question is , will it be fine!?or do i need to rip out the motor because of this , i talked to a mechanic and he said i should be fine cause the oil screen should catch it and it get chewed up in to pieces then the oil screen will get it!! Just dont do it again he said. Am i ok what do you guys think it was a little piece of like aluminum tape.

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    You will be fine dont worry be happy!
    Next time take a sharpie to mark it with!

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