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    RXP motor prices

    What sources should one watch for RXP motors? And what is the general cost?

    And no I'm not thinking about building one

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    i think most that hav built conversions or are in the process would agree it's a pain in the arse and time consuming and not cost effective to piece meal things together from various sources.

    more and more things are chaning in the 4-tec world, and certain cranks dont work in certain electronics, certain ECUs dont work with certain wiring harnesses, certain rocker shafts dont work with certain year heads, certain gauuge clusters dont work with some setups, and some setups have an MPEM and others have only fuse block relays

    in my opinion, it's better, and uually more cost effective, to just buy a complete running RXP where you know everything is working and communicating properly in both mechanical sense and EMS sense.

    buy a complete ski, part out the stuff u dont need, and you really wont find yourself on the forum desperately searching for parts.

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