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    How to adjust steering 1998 GTS?

    Hey all,

    I just purchased a pair of 1998 Seadoo GTS's and have noticed that one has the steering off center. The handlebars have to be turned to the right quite a bit to have the jet nozzle straight. I have already adjusted the turnbuckle at both ends and that made it some better, but there is no more room for adjustment. Both ski's are stock as far as I know. Is the steering shaft splined and maybe off a tooth or where else can I make an adjustment. It is annoying have the handle bars not straight when the ski it going straight. The other ski is perfect. Thanks for the help.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    The end of the cable is threaded with a lock nut so you can adjust the knuckle in and out, to get perfect center. My guess is since you have already adjusted that the nozzle has been replaced with another that doesn't correctly match up. Look at the arms of the nozzle compared to the other ski. They make different length arms on the nozzles for varying models. The previous owner may have busted his and bought the wrong one before unloading it to you.

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    When I was messing with it the other day. Both looked to be the same. Is the steering wheel(bars) on a splined shaft like on a car that could be off a spline or two. I don't see any other place for adjustments since I have already maxed out the adjustment in the direction I need and it is still not enough.
    Thanks for the help.


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    No the steering shaft is not splined.

    To adjust the steering cable...

    Look under the hood & you will see were the outer cable attaches to to a metal arm on the left side above the gas tank (looking towards the back),you will see what loks like a plastic nut that is threaded to the cable,you loosen the 2 6mm nuts (10mm wrench size) & this will allow you to turn the nut,one way will make the cable longer & the other way will make the cable shorter. This nut is for big adjustments & the ends are for small adjustments.

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    That does sound familiar. I will have a look at it on Wed. Thanks


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