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    Question 1999 sltx

    I have a 1999 sltx that has been sitting for 2 years and seems to have lost its spark.When i grab the plug wires with my hand it shocks me but can't see a visible spark when i check it.Ran some test i found on the forums and am now thinking its the stator, is that possible? Or would there be no power at all in the plug wires if it was the stator? BTW....Sometimes the ski will crank and run. Will be thankful for any info on this.

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    Welcome to the Hulk, Keith!

    If you have not already, download the 1992-1998 Factory Service manual, which includes the 1998 SLTX. I am sure your 1999 SLTX will be very similar.

    Have a look at the diagnostics section.

    What tests have you done so far, what were the results?

    Stators can become intermittent, but other problems can cause similar symptoms.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

    Ohm out the stator using a nine volt battery. The instructions for this can be found in the tech section.

    Also try removing the spark plug boots and trimming 1/4 of an inch off the plug wire then replace the plug boots.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    My 96 SLTX lost spark and a new stator did the trick. Later I trimmed the spark plug wires and got a huge improvement in performance.

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    Be sure the battery is good, and fully charged. They don't like to start if it's some what low on voltage.

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    dont shock yourself anymore, just wait till dusk and look for spark, it will be 100x brighter in the night. Or you can just back it into your garage, shut the door, turn off the lights and then try it.

    hope this helps

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    If you're getting shocked when touching the wires, then your stator is probably fine.... After all, there is clearly a spark you felt, right? Possibly your wires are bad, cutting back the ends is a good start.

    If you can't see the spark, don't forget to try a towel! (sorry, had to throw that in again!)


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