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Thread: 4-Tec Oil Leak

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    4-Tec Oil Leak

    Hi all - During the final ride of last year's riding season, the o-ring in my oil cap bulged out and I lost over a quart of oil into the hull. I removed the cap, re-seated the o-ring, and torqued the cap to spec. Subsequently I cleaned out the hull with Simple Green and water.

    Yesterday I put my machine back together (dewinterized) and it fired up beautifully. After that, I drained and refilled the oil. After a few starts I noticed a silver dollar-sized glob of oil in the hull, nearly under the SC discharge hose. Then I noticed a little oil under the oil filter housing, but none on the sides or top of the housing (this is a very busy area on the engine with small places for puddles to collect).

    I cleaned up the oil glob in the hull, but could not reach the little bit of oil under the housing, as it cannot be reached. Then I fired it up a few more times to see if I could find a leak. Nothing happened... there was no oil on the housing, none leaking from around the o-ring area, and none appeared to be collecting in the bottom of the hull.

    I did recently re-install my rebuilt SC, but I find it hard to believe that had anything to do with it as it has no oil around it's seal at the engine block.

    Anyone have an idea what might be happening?


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    Did you update the oil cap and o-rings to the new stlye metal cap, or do you still have the plastic oil cap, if so that could be your problem?

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    No, I do not have the metal cap yet, but I did check around the top and sides of the housing for leakage and could not find any. Last year it was spraying out so it was pretty obvious.

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    You might have a small leak around the o-rings on the cap, that is only leaking at speed, really check the cap I have missed leak there myself and wasted alot of time tracking down the problem, just update the cap and o-ring and try it again.

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    It is definitely the upper o-ring. Not the one under the bolt, but the top one under the cap. It was bulging slightly and a stream of oil came pissing out when revving the engine.

    My local SeaDoo dealer is clueless. I went in with everything I needed in highlight on a microfiche screen shot and they still can't deal with it. They were trying to find the part number on a fill cap. Crap, it is so hard to find anybody that knows anything about PWCs at a dealership. They all sell motorcycles and don't know a damned thing about the PWCs on their floors.

    Anyway, if I order a 2004 cap, will that be metal? Do I need to order a different model year cap? The 2003 and 2004 part numbers are the same so I don't want to end up ordering another plastic cap for $30. I intend to order the cap and the 3 o-rings once this is resolved.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaGTXSC View Post
    Anyway, if I order a 2004 cap, will that be metal? Do I need to order a different model year cap? The 2003 and 2004 part numbers are the same so I don't want to end up ordering another plastic cap for $30. I intend to order the cap and the 3 o-rings once this is resolved.Thanks
    This is the part you want: 420610328

    I replaced mine a few years ago and haven't had any probems since then. It's $20-$25 depending where you get it. Get some new o-rings too... Ron

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    If you need the parts give us a call 1-302-945-9690, ask for Bill, I think Jerry might also sell the updated caps.

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    Oil Filter Cover (superceed: 42061032 (SKU:420610322)1$19.97 ea

    Check out the microfiche info above... it is from a 2003 model - looks like the sku has changed... I am going to call to make sure I get what I need.
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    You could get that amount of oil coming out when removing the S/C. I have had it happen to me.

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    Thanks to Bill at WMF! He steered me in the right direction and got a cap w/o-rings to me in a couple days.

    Another quesiton... I replaced the plastic cap with the metal unit tonight and noticed that one of the four plastic pieces (part of the plastic cap) directly underneath the bolt penetration of the cap was missing. I looked around in the oil filter housing and found nothing... don't know how long it has been gone as I purchased the machine used and changed the oil for the first time last week. The machine only has 44 hours on it and when I bought it with 30 hours last July, it had just had an oil change done by a dealership (have the receipts from the previous owner).

    Should I be worried about where that little piece of plastic went? Is there a warning sign? It is possible that it was broken in the past while outside of the pwc.

    Any advice? The ski runs strong, doesn't make any strange noises and never overheats.

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