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    hey guys,
    i was wondering what you can do to 1200xl ltd. without touching the internals to get aleast 60 mph and so holeshot (with a small budget )

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    A short list would be:

    - 13/19 concord depitched by Island or someone else to 12/18
    - D-plate and temp chip- relaibilty
    - Waveeater clips and couplers- reliability
    - stock head cut by Jim to 150psi
    - jetworks mod
    - R&D or Riva intake grate- SAFETY!
    - R&D or Riva ride plate prepared by Jim
    - 5-degree GPR nozzle with spout hole filled
    - holes filed
    - Pump seal kit

    That should get you over 60mph...

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    I would throw the small budget out.... get the must haves first for reliability.... Waveeater clips and a D-plate/chip ( well under 200 bucks shipped)... then you need an intake grate and pump plug kit and a 10 ounce tube of 3M 5200 caulk (less than 200 bucks to seal the pump and add the grate).... now your ready for speed .. imo ... buy a modified plate from Jim (jims performance) or Carl (ISLAND RACING) that will run you about 100 bucks per mile per hour ($450+)... then it goes up from there hole shot kit... 5 degree gpr nozzle....

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