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    2000 GPR ready for swap

    I am building a couple project skis. This one has been one that i am slowly working on when i get some free time. Too many projects right now! I have put a good bit of time, energy, and parts into this ski. All the labor work is done.

    2000 GPR hull- good condition, all white w/ silver trim, no stickers
    -mid wall removed
    -gas tank removed
    -midshaft bearing housing mounting area sanded flat
    -fiberglassed pump tunnel- just done
    -middle hull cut made for conversion
    -side hull cut will need to be made
    -middle hull cut filled in and fiberglassed over
    -extra fiberglass weaved sheet w/ epoxy resin and hardener

    Stock parts
    -00 complete pump w/ driveshaft
    -stock intake grate
    -pump shoe- filled already- i think its the R&D kit
    -stock metal trim tabs
    -all throttle and trim cables
    -stock stepped sponsons
    -stock handlebars/switches
    -midshaft bearing housing
    -midshaft bearing housing mount cut out of mid wall
    -stock modded Yamaha trim setup

    Aftermarket parts
    -UMI bars- polished
    -Fly Racing billet finger throttle- polished
    -ODI locking grips- black
    -Riva quick trim setup/lever
    -Riva covered seat- black/silver
    -Riva rear exhaust hose- new
    -Riva ride plate- old design with skegs

    Here are some pictures of when i first got the ski!

    $2500 for the complete GPR hull w/ parts.

    I also have 04 RXP with everything needed for the swap! It will be missing parts not needed for the swap such as: pump, hoods, body parts, plate, etc. I will sell that for $5000 with the GPR!!!!!!!!!

    You would just need mounts and shaft for a complete ready to ride setup.

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    Im in south central, pa! I may be able to get it trailered to Mudbug. I dont really wanna mess with trading seats.

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    So $5000 for everything is what your saying? You coming down I 95 when you go down to Mudbug?

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    $2500 for the gpr hull and $5000 for the complete rxp. I am not going to mudbug-- i cant get off work, but can meet u down 95 around richmond or so!

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    $2500 for gpr and $5000 for rxp-- sorry for mix-up

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    5K is a good price for an RXP.

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    If anybody is interested, please make me an offer! Need cash!!!!!!!

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    must go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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