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    07 GPR 1300r otd price???

    Just wondering if this is a good deal leftover 07 brand new with 2 year warranty from yamaha otd 8394 and a cover. PLEASE let me know if this is a good price. Thanks.

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    i paid 8800 out the door last year but still that isnt a bad price

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    I just picked one up around 92-9300 OTD with a single trailer. The ski itself was 8k

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    Welcome to the board!

    I could have bought an 07 back in november for 8400 plus the tax, no trailer...
    I`ve heard them for as cheap as 7800...
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    $8394 sounds like an odd number?! wonder how the sales man came up with that? Anyway, that seems like a good price with a two year warranty.

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    How come I can never get a good number like that lol, I tip alot, I'm normally nice, I even bring the gf with a short skirt and still pay top dollar here on Long island... I was trying to buy a stf15 the other day cheap, but noooo He wants 8500, theyre like 7500 everywhere online. I would def take another gpr for round 8 beans...

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    Thanks, for the input!! I think this ski is still the one to get despite the four strokes taking over. I cant imagine riding anything bigger and heavier than the gpr??? My last ski was a 98 gp800.

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    I just got my new 07 GP1300R for 8200 out the door for ski, trailer and cover. Your getting a pretty good deal. Got it a week ago NEW!

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    Get It !!!!!! Get It Now!!!!!!

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    Got it!!! This color scheme is awesome!!! I never saw one in person. Wow I think it was best looking ski in the showroom next to the kawi 250 blue, and Yamaha Ho blue. IT DOMINATED!! Thanks for the advise!!!

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