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    250X bogs on top

    has any body had trouble with bogging on top at start of the trip and after a while ,about 10 minutes or so everything is fine ?the low and mid has good power ,the plugs are very dark could it be that ? this is a 07 Ultra whit 5 hours on it
    hope somebody understands what i´m talking about


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    I'm suspecting you'll get told to change the plugs. I don't have an Ultra, but that is a common problem and fix. Get an order in now - they may be tough to come by.

    I'll let someone with more experience jump in now...

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    Plugs are readily avaliable at any dealer.

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    I have that problem sometimes. The first time i go wide open it would bog down for like a second and then it would be fine. Happens mostly when the engine is cold. Im guessing its the sparkplugs.

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    Go with the plugs , had same problem and changed them out ! When I took my ski back for the recall part of the recall was changing plugs cause of hair line cracks in the plugs caused at the factory .

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