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    gas gauge not working

    I'm waiting an a manule now. I have a 96 gtx with the gas gauge not working. the rest of the gauge works. I'm leaning toward sending unit. Should this be just an ohm check? like a car? Is this common on this year? I can not find any e-bay parts? thanks

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    any idea's

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    Most likely on the 720/787 the cap at the bottom of the fuel sending unit came off and the float came out.

    The only way I know to fix this is to empty the tank, fish out the parts (cap, float & magnet), put it back together, weld the plastic w/ solder iron & test the ohms through the range of motion.

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    Sea-Doo fuel sending unit fix

    This is very common. Read my thread below. Easy fix

    Its either a blown fuse on the circuit board or float that has a hole in it and its filled with gas.

    Also, to remove the unit, remove the 4 fasteners that hold the glove box bucket in place.
    Pull out the bucket and the sending unit is directly below

    When you remove the fuel lines, make note of each line. The sending unit is marked on top of where each line goes also.

    Get an ohm meter and check resistance on the unit's electrical connector as you allow the float to slide up and down. There should a reading from 0-88 ohms.

    If the reading does not change, then the fuse is bad on the circuit board. Very common.

    Also remove the plastic cover at the bottom of the sending unit, remove the float and make sure it is not full of gasoline. If it is, then the float has a hole and is sitting on the bottom.

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