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    FX140 General Maintenance

    As the riding season approaches, I'm just wondering what I should do to my Ski to get it ready for the water. I haven't been able to find out much about the 140's on here, most any 4-Stroke talk is about the HO or the SHO. I know the SHO is a completely different animal, but can I use most of the information about the HO's for my 140? I know it's pretty much the same thing just with higher compression, so what all information can I (or can't I, whichever is shorter ) use from the HO?

    Here's a list of what I plan to do for it (so far):
    -Change Oil
    -Check Spark Plugs
    -Possibly New Air Filter (Riva?)
    -New Bilge Pump (old one broke)
    -Think I might need to have the valve clearance done, not sure if it's been done before.

    The only problem I've had with it is that it makes this rattling noise from around the engine (or maybe the impeller?) when it's idling along. It either goes away or gets covered up by engine noise when I get going. Any one else have this happen, or have any thoughts?

    Oh, the Ski is a 2003 Yamaha FX-140 with ~65 hours on it. I bought it last summer from a slightly older couple who used it as a cruiser. It had <50 hours on it when I got it. So far, I'm tickled to death with it, and I just want to make sure that it keeps running like a top! Any insight you have would be appreciated!

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    fx 140

    well i have an 04 fx cruiser which is pretty similar ive got 61 hours and i also had the problem with the rattling noise wast sure what it was. So i brought to my dealer it was serviced and the oil filter was changed that was also leaking and after that i had no problems.

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    Since your fx 140 is an older model the rattling noise could also be a bad wear ring i'm replacing mine this weekend with a stainless steel one this will give you longer life and it is stronger than the oem wear ring. Also check for weeds and other things like that in the jet pump area.

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