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    Cool Looking for opinions

    I picked up two waverunners and a double trailer for $400. The first is an 89 500cc that runs and the other is a 90 650cc that needs alot of work. The motor blew and they took it all apart and sanded all the gelcoat off the bottom of it. Why they did that is anybodys guess. It came with all the new parts needed to assemble a new 650 motor. I was thinking I would transfer all the 650 parts over to the 500 and junk the 650 hull and then sell off the 500 parts. Or do the repairs that are needed to the 650 and have two skis. Any thoughts?

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    Can you put the 650 engine in the 89 hull?

    The 650 is where you invested your money and got a good deal. A double trailer with decent wheels on it is worth 200.

    You can put that 650 engine in many hulls, including stand ups vxr's etc. Put it together and wait for the right hull. Use the 500 engine parts to pay for the "new" hull.

    You bought it right. With a little patience, an opportunity will present itself. As it stands, you have lots of options.

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    the 650 should fit (though you may need different brackets.. rubber mounts are the same) ... The 90 650 hull could be a WRIII (different hull), but the engine should fit the 500 hull... The early'er LX650 and WR500 hulls were the same, along with pumps, plates, grates,and fuel system .. electrics (CDI's) are different, so a swap can be done.... .. the 90' wrIII 650's hull bottom may have been 'trued'... so, this still may be ok... check your edges and see how sharp they are ... hopefully they are not rounded and the hull is not thinned to much...try and shine a light thru the bottom at night and look inside,for light 'thru' to get an idea of how thin it may be....
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