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    250X ECU Operation

    I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how this ECU functions. Currently I have a 15f turbo with a standalone ECU and while I was working on this project I somehow accumulated enough parts to build an additional 15f turbo. Only difference was I was thinking about possibly using a Ultra 250 ECU to control everything rather than a more complex, more expensive standalone ECU. Some of the questions I have are:

    1. How many pounds of boost is the ECU mapped up to? I think it has 2 bar MAP sensor???

    2. How many CC are the injectors and what horse power are they rated up to?

    3. How much boost does a stock Ultra 250 run?

    4. How does the ECU actually function and determine fuel calculations? I know my current 15f ECU references MAP (kpa) vs. Load (RPMS). The reason this would be so critical is because a supercharger and turbo require different amounts of fuel and different times. Supercharger boost is linear unlike possible turbo setups. If the ECU uses a RPM vs Throttle position to determine fuel flow I will not be able to use it.

    Thanks any insight on this possible project is more than welcome.

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    The 15F and 250 have the same base ECU. The 250 has added the boost sensor and two additional heat sensors.

    Different items in the motor that would effect the 250 ECU on a 15F. Cam timing is differnt. Crank timming is different.

    Also the ECU and injectors are mapped for instant boost of 11.4 to 12. Turbo and Cent, will take RPM's to reach that boost level making your bottom and mid range run rich. Unless you have new injectors with a boost controlled fuel regulator even then it will be a challenge in the Turbo set up.

    Basically any changes to the 250 boost system is going to need a new ECU system.

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    Yeah this is kind of what I figured. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the boost sensor? I obviously don't know as much about the 250X motor, but I would have assumed they would have just changed the MAP sensor from the 1 Bar to 2 Bar then had the ECU covert that into PSI for the readout on the gauge. Unless they use an electronic boost sensor for the readout on the dash..??? Also I guess the other two sensor are just for safety precautions and maybe fuel enrichment/deleanment. Where are these additional sensors located. I know on the 15f they have a water temp, manifold temp, I'm guessing they put an additional one on the oil for the supercharger?

    I don't know how much the crank timing is that much different, but it probably just retards once boost pressure increases. Also the cam timing is probably different due to higher RPMS to reach desired boost range. Timing wouldn't have been that complicated due to the fact that timing has to be retarded on a turbo similar to a supercharger. The longer duration cam timing (if that is what it is) would have just required different prop combos

    Anyways by what you are saying it sounds like the computer uses the RPM vs Throttle position method of determining fuel delivery. I was hoping that Kawasaki made a fairly large map that used MAP vs RPM which would have allowed me to just bolt it on and allow the ECU to reference each input from the sensors then deliver the adequate amount of fuel required.

    Sounds like you are right and that I would need another ECU to do a second 15f

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    We will never know for sure unless you try it! If ya have all the parts then it wont cost ya anything unless something breaks then I would have say I had no involvement.

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    Haha yeah well I would try it, but I was trying to get some insight before doing anything. Especially since I would still have to get a donor 15f to throw it on. But if you have any 250x ECU's laying around I might be able to make it possible.

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    next week strizki i might have a ecu , wire harrnes and gauges from a 2007 ultra 250 for sale, with 9 hrs on it.

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