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    Starting problem???

    took my gp 1300 05 model out for the first time after installing all my extras ,ride plate ,riva free flow,intake grate .on the first swing of the engine once i was in the water it gave a small swing and switched of-sounded like it the engine choked for a while.the gave it another swing but this time the engine didnt start,just a zinging sound.sounds like the starter is not turning anything,just running freely.2 days before i could try my ski out,day after a completed all installations my ski started perfect on my trailer.

    dont know what u guys suspect a problem,could it be my free flow???

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    Hello FT,

    If the sound you're describing is a whirring like the starter is spinning freely, the bendix is probably not engaging the flywheel. I had the same problem once myself; it's pain to fix, but it's fixeable. IF it's the bendix, you'll have to pull the front cover off to get to it.

    What does it do now? I'm assuming you've got it out of the water, and you've tried to start it again. Same sound? Or did it engage the bendix/flywheel?

    Good luck!

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    Sent my ski to dealership and bendix the problem

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