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    RIVA Disappointment

    I recently ordered 2 Mikuni rebuild kits and N/S for a 1999 gp800. I handled it by phone. I would have gone with this site, but could not find the I-body carb kits, and Riva had sent them to me for my last rebuild. Figured using the same outfit would mean they had my order history, and could replicate it. It arrived six days later, as I was heading offshore, so it would be a week before I could open it. Once back, I opened a kit up and immediately knew it was the wrong one. I called them, recieved an RA number, and sent them back for the correct ones. (The return trip took 2.5 days). While I was on the phone, I questioned them about the N/S. Could it be wrong also?? No, 2.0 is absolutely the correct N/s to use Riva said. I doubted that, and posted the question on the Greenhulk board. 1.2 N/S was the answer, confirmed by a gp800 manual. The next morning, I called Riva, and the salesman had an overnite vision about 1.2 N/S being the correct ones (does he read this site perhaps?). He would send me 2 X1.2 N/S and it would take 4-5 days.
    Today is 11 days later. I returned from offshore and called Riva.
    "I can't access that on the computer", I don't know the details of the sale", " you will need to talk with the salesman", salesman answering machine, salesman answering machine, salesman answering machine. Seems the salesman is evidently too busy to handle calls! Or listen to messages and return calls. At about 3:00 pm I called Riva and before I could be sent to the answering machine, I told a different salesman I was tired of being jacked around and wanted to simply know when my N/S went out. He looked and said "they were shipped out on the 24th". I said "today is the 24th". He said "yes". I said "cancel the order, I don't want any part of it" and hung up.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but RIVA, I'll never send you another penny.



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    Quote Originally Posted by howestek View Post
    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but RIVA, I'll never send you another penny.
    I reached this conclusion a few years ago. After several orders like the one you described, I gave up.

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