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    Recreational racing, bass boats ?

    I got to racing some RXP's during the weekend. I'm able to get them out of the hull with my wife and about 4-5 bars. I can walk past them but not hauling past them. Seemed to blow past most other ski's. I can run past a GTX.

    I ended up resorting to bass boats....

    Anyone know what bass boats to watch out for. I looked at boattest and it seems the 225-250 go close to 70 but out of the hole they look slow as dirt. I know hte Allisons are too fast.

    There was a guy on a boat that was a brand called bullet on the river beach that did a run back and forth and looked like he was hauling. I went out the next time right after him and passed him but I don't think he opened it up.

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    you need to get your wife a ski. (06 gti?). if something happens when you are out there racing both of you will be in a world of hurt.

    good luck trying to race bass boats, remember they own the lakes and have all right of way. at the ozarks most boaters wave at other passing boats with the exception of skis (since you can't let go of the bars to wave) and fishing boats since they are usually too drunk to even see you.

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    Re: Recreational racing, bass boats ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    I can run past a GTX.

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    Re: Recreational racing, bass boats ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Devil
    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    I can run past a GTX.
    stock GTX

    Some of the bass boats seem to go right around 68-70 and I have a good time scooting past them with my wife on the back. I like watching there mouths drop and do double takes as we pass them.

    I know most the other bass boats can go 80-100 if not more but I didn't know if anyone knew the boats or engines that might be in the 65-75 range.
    I know off the start we can beat them to 60. Looks like it takes them like 10-12 seconds to get there.

    Might be why that bullet didn't try to pull me off the start. Might have made him look bad after his speed runs.
    Just looked up reviews on the bullet, it goes 80-100 range.

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    Coming from a boat guy (me) Bullet hulls are built decent at best. Ranger is one of the top dogs as they are getting into aluminum . Now days any bass hull with a pad is gonna run as fast as the eggbeater out back can push it. 80 mph bass boats are common place now. Triple digit hulls are scarce to say the least (intended competion bass boat hulls). After 90 the hulls cant handle the air and chine walk usually spells the end of that hull. You need to go after jets and v-drives. The jet will have it out the hole over a V-drive but the blade moves the water which meens on the long end (v-drive) will walk it all.

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    Some bass boat hulls are faster than others, Bullets and Allisons are fast. Most bass boats with 200hp run 65 - 70 mph GPS, depending on prop, setup, load. Bass boats with 225s can run closer to 75, but I have beat some of them with a 69 mph GPR ... so a lot depends on the hull, the height of the motor, and the prop. Very good setup can add 5 + mph. I have yet to be beat by any bass boat with a 225 or less ... but it could happen, some are pretty fast if they are fully optimized. Other than Bullets and Allisons, most fall into the above ranges from my experience. I would like to actually see an 80+ mph bass boat, have not personally seen one in Grand Haven yet. Monday I raced a guy with a 200hp on a 20 ft bass boat, he ran 67, I did 75, no contest, but he was very funny, we talked afterward.

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    Only thing on our lake that can beat me is bass boats with a minimum of 200 hp.And only on top end,out of the hole I blow by them,and I am 100% stock.So,look for 225's.They are fast on top end,there are some here I know are at least mid-70's.

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    stay away from Skeeters at 250 or skeeters unloaded at 225 or better. If they're under 225 you should be able to walk them unless they're out of fuel and propped to go fast.

    HOSS, you're crazy. There have been skeeters at 90+ for years now with no problems, except extremely large fuel bills.

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    racing the majority of bass boats out there is pretty fun cuz they arent that fast!! but if you get ahold of the right Allison or Bullet, you are gonna get your feelings hurt! that's just the start foolin' with some of the tunnels and lightweight race Allisons and you are really gonna get your a$$ handed to ya!

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