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    quick question

    my RPM's dont pass 7900. . . in salt water. . . does salt water and fresh water make a difference? ? ? all my mods are on my signature. . i do have stock ECU. what do you guys think ? ? ?

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    My guess would be a few things.
    1)Check your oil first to confirm that the oil is between the full and half way mark on dip stick. If is full then take out a pint or so.
    2)Super charger could be sliping, would be good to know your boost of sc.
    3)Prop is not correct and needs to be checked and possiblly depitched.

    Maybe some others will chime in.

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    I did not see an intercooler in your signature ... without an intercooler 7900 rpms would be about right. I would add an intercooler, dump the BOV (they often leak boost), verify you have no boost leaks, and you should get 8100 rpms.

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