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    water in front bin from wave jumping

    First time I've gotten some serious air. Those yachts when they aren't on plane can put out some serious waves. Felt like I was floating in air for awhile. I was submarining on the way down into the next waves. Major air. Rear intakes was dry as a bone, works great!

    Anyways I had about a bucket of water in the front bin and all my stuff was water logged.

    Anyone else get this ? Does anyone put extra rubber sealant on theres ?

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    The only place I don't get water in the rxp is the little glove box below the dess post.

    I just use dry bags for everything that I don't want wet.

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    Anyone use bilge for it ? What does the black plug on the bottom do in the front bin (not sure if on the rxp)

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    I dont get much water at all in my front hatch....If you are getting air why are you submarining into next wave? You should be landing tail first...The black plug i pull out with pliers (try not to rip the edge of it. When you pull it the water will drain from your blacks in the back...i pell the black plug and rinse out front storage with a hose...

    hope that helps

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    the locking shaft needs to be adjusted for your hood latch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS
    the locking shaft needs to be adjusted for your hood latch.
    I'll check that. I sometimes land into another wave if I get air skip one wake and plow half way into another wake and it drives through it. These wakes are about 6 feet hight probably 8-10 feet angle length because I can put my rxt on one the wakes and the front nose not go off.

    I usually go into the wake at the first wake at about 5mph then it drops me into the valley and I get it to about 10mph and it does like a skate board ramp and I launch of the 2nd then let off the throttle. Everything goes quiet for a second then BAM. If I'm lucky I'll clear the oncoming wake if I don't I end up barreling through the mid part of another wake and it submarines.
    FUN!!! I was doing it with 2 other riders on board too lol

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    I`ve never gotten water in the front compartment, it`s pretty tight...
    are you sure the water is not coming in from some of those holes that you drilled thru!?...PR...

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    I didn't drill any holes in the hood and nothing has been touched inside the seal area or the bin. I still use my ski for recreation so I can't loose the front bucket.

    I also hear a crashing sound when I land a high jump. I wonder if it's the hood gapping a little then hitting the stud.

    Is the metal male connection on the hood suppose to be able to move around ? Mine is.

    How do you tighten the connection ?
    What is the latch update that I had heard about awhile ago, does a 2005 have it ?

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    Water in the front hatch is common when barreling through waves on the RXP at least. Just drill some holes in the storage bucket and let it drain into the hull if you want to get it out of there. I tend to hit the ocean and everything but the compartment under the steering colum gets drenched.

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    So if I pull that black plug at the bottom of the bin the water will just go into the hull ?
    I might just do that and let the bailers and my bilge get it

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