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    Connecting Rod Bent Between Twin Jet Nozzles / Speedster 200

    Anybody know if the connecting rod between the (2) jet pump nozzles (venturiis) on my '04 Speedster 200 is supposed to be bent? I'm guessing not, but it seems to be perfectly bent right in the middle.

    By the way, anyone know where I can get the spec for the proper distance between the nozzles (rod length)??

    Update: OK, after no response... I tried to bend it straight and it went pretty easily over my knee, so I am assuming it got bent inadvertantly along the way somehow. I'm thinking the jets should point "straight back". If this is correct then I can simply match the length of the rod to the distance center to center on the jet pumps; however, I'm still curious if anyone knows if you can get a bit more performance by setting them up with a slight amount of "Toe-in" or "Toe-out"??
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