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    I lost 50 rpm from last year

    I took my ski out this weekend, and noticed that my rpm's are running 50 lowwer then last year. I am running 8050 alot and sometimes hit 8100. I put in the rotex power pipe in, do you guys think this is why I am running lowwer rpm's or could it be my wear ring or the devilish clutch going? I did a GPS and my top speed as about the same maybe a mph less or 2 I think that is do to my weight gain over winter.

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    I don't think your powerpipe is going to rob you of RPM's.

    Difference in water/air temp from last year, wear ring condition and oil level can all be culprits.

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    Your RPM loss is not from the powerpipe! It could be from various things, but I would check this stuff.
    Wear ring and oil level if you changed it.

    Your RPM loss I have seen in the heat allot, so do count out weather


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    I did notice it is alot warmer in my engine compartment then last year with the pipe in. So I think that could be it I mean after a bit it will hit 8100 rpms, The weater was like 80's and water was 65 degrees. My oil i will check tonight. The wear ring has to be fliped for sure because I sucked a stick up coming to the boat lunch, and got stuck and had to pry it out. Thanks for the help.

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    weather conditions can affect rpms.....humidity, temp, ect.....

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