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    Some stuff for sale:

    stuff for sale:

    Venturi and steering nozzle with bushings and bolts = $75.00 plus shipping
    (this was set up for no reverse, you`ll have to remove the allen plugs to install OEM bolts for reverse gate) SOLD!

    16\21 Skat trak 185HP GTXSC prop = $25.00 plus shipping
    ( this was brand new, ate rocks, need a lttlle repair, worth it IMO)

    Solas 12\20 GTXSC prop in Like new condition. pics on request. $175.00 plus shipping...

    New OEM intercooler to exhaust manifold hose. 25.00 plus shipping

    Misc. Summit AN -10 fittings and 4' of twist lok hose, brass/stainless ball valve. = make reasonable offer for all or some pieces. Sold!

    No paypal, check or money order, please send PM...
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    More: 2 fittings are fitted with 9mm restrictors for seperate cooling to IC from the seadoo pump opas fitting... these can be removed...
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    still have 16\21 skat 3 blade in need of repair.
    12\20 solas in like new condition, low hours
    both for 155mm smaller shaft pump...
    OEM IC to exhaust manifold hose, in like new condition...
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    still have the 2 props!
    12\20 untouched solas in new condition, super low hours. $175.00 + shipping
    and one 16\21 skat 3 blade in need of repair. $25.00 + shipping

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    I got a friend here that got a 2005 GTX with a 185hp engine in it, he is seeking for a propeller that would improve a bit over the stocker....what would these actually do versus the stocker one...?

    Put me in the list for him just in case it might work for him, then i'll drop him a mail and see if he'D like to buy it....txs for the heads-up i'm not quite used with the 185hp prop requirements.

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    still have the solas 12\20, still have the skat 16\21 that needs some lovin, and still have the OEM IC hose, anyone need???

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