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    Riva parts with Scat 3 Blade and Skegs!

    Last years set up for some background was the 71-72 range @ 8150 rpm's in 95-100 degrees
    I did have:
    PPG Non Resonated Pipe
    RR IC
    PPG Plumbing
    Riva CAI
    Riva Grate
    14/19 Solas
    Opas Blocks
    Filled Ride Plate

    Now for this year I have:
    Riva IC
    Riva Thermostat
    Riva CAI
    Riva Grate
    Scat 3 bearing Mod
    14/19 Scat 3 Blade
    New Opas Blocks
    Skegs (beta tester, I know I got lucky, Thank You to the donor)
    58mm TB
    Sort of WB mod
    RR Thru Hull (100,000x better)

    I got out today and had a leak in the stock exhaust filler so that took a while to fix. (Long way to the store) I got it fixed and got it on the water and So, my impression off this set up is way better.

    The rpm's are dead on @ 8100 and does not move, the old prop turned 8150 but the set up was way different.
    Way more pull and it just felt faster.
    I got some smooth water and made umpteen passed and every one was between 72.6 and 72.9 @ 8100rpm.

    I do not know if the skegs helped MPH but they damn well make it handle a lot better!!

    The boat felt like a lot smaller more nimble ride. It tracked a lot better than stock. I can not attribute it all to the skegs as I added the pro block off as well but block off's do not make you have to hold on in a turn.

    I was almost thrown off in the first turn as I would have never thought that it would carve that hard.

    As far as the TB I had no problems at all; it idled @ 1800-1850 rpms and never missed a beat. The exhaust sounds well like I said soooooo cool.
    You could not give me a truck full of those piece of sh*t pipe replacements after hearing this thing! If you are worried about cutting a hole in the hull don't be, it is well worth it!

    The 3 blade Scat is well a prop. Like I said I changed a lot but it does hook way better than before, I do think that my speed is lower than it should be and that the prop may be some of it. I was hopeing to be @ 74+ in the heat so I think a 15/20 Solas is next.

    BTW since it took so long to fix the leak I never got to run out ANY gas so these runs were 100% full of fuel, 96 degree air, 86 degree water and 55-60% humidity.

    So when the Skegs come out get in line, and wait until the 3 blade is proven on a known set up before you change over.

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    nice results
    glad it all worked out for ya.

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    i think it's safe to say ur handling attributes are completely from the skegs. I added the skegs to my RXT, and you hit the nail on the head with ur description... i don't think i gained speed from them either, but the handling was UNREAL!

    our results are identical, and i changed nothing but the skegs.

    same thing happened to me... first turn moving at about 60 mph, i almost rolled my wrists and got tossed bad!! this 3-seater couch can turn like never before with those skegs, and the tracking is unreal.

    i rode a bone stock 04 GTX SC yesterday for 2 hours... i was so used to my ski that the GTX was scary... it could not handle in the rough or track like my RXT did.

    glad to hear ur happy with your changes in configuration

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    1 fast,I'm glad to hear somebody had the oportunity to have a set of skegs.It makes the rxp a different ride on the water.(love it)

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    Hey Fast do you think I can turn a 15-20r with my RRIC and other Riva level 2 stuff?

    I run mid 72 in the 95+ range, but my RPM's are pegged at 8100 hard.
    I want a bit more. You think 15-20 or 14-20????

    Also was the riva IC any better??? HONESTLY???

    What Boost reading? I am at 7.4-7.6 in the heat.



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    David, Great results. You should have come up to Pickwick. Great weekend except for the strom saturday. Call me if you get some time and lets go down to the MS river. I need to do some testing.

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    1fast: great results bro! I like hearing about good news for a change...LOL...PR...

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