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    98 XPLcooling system help

    Hi all

    I have recently got my XPL back on the water after a full rebuild. I have 48cc domes, carbon reeds and re jetted carby and power plenum.

    I have noticed that the cooling system indicator doesnt elly squirt with much force compared to my mates 3di. (i also run reverse flow to keep the head cooler)

    I went back to look at my system and initially thought maybe the lines werent straight enough and replaced the elbow fitting that leads water into the head incase that was creating a handbreak for the water flow.

    It still doesnt squirt much. I am wondering if its not a flow volume issue, but rather a pressure issue. Do you need to regulate the flow to increase pressure? Will this help keep the ski cooler?

    I use a ADA billet head which has the 2 pisser fittings in the top, i was thinking of putting in a distribution block into the main supply and routing water into those fittings also so there would be 3 water inlet into the head to distribute the water into the head evenly...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Shoot us a pic of your engine. Reverse cooling could be the only culprit, depending on how you have it routed.

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    welcome to the forum Pete

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    why do you think your runing hot? someone tell you so? the ADA head with 48 domes should be no prob with heat at all, shouldn't need to run reverse cooling, period, with that. I would run the OEM cooling and the 2 pissers on the head just run a short hose between them. Now where the head/pipe water in-hose splits .......are you using the "T" fitting if so I would change that to a "Y" fitting to get smoother water flow.

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