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    OMG!!!!!!! Riva Grate

    well was installing the R&D girdle kit today and found this, i wonder if i should even bother calling riva, i think this is the first case is it not? as you can see the grate material just evaporated , its not like the grate cracked or anything, thank god i caught this before i started riding this season....the two outer bolts in the pump support and front bolt were the only thing holding it on at 80mph
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    mine was well on its way to doing the same thing.....the center had mushroomed out quite a bit and allowed the grate to rock side to side flexing & cracking my pump shoe....i now run a R&D grate with the girdle... I sent it back to Riva, they didnt seem worried and replaced it free of charge and I sold it.

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    I believe vern had an issue of the same sort yesterday....

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    I think riva has some explaining to do.

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    same thing happened to mine begining of last year!

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    [quote=kp04rxp;577894]I believe vern had an issue of the same sort yesterday.... /quote]

    Yup! You know, you only see this when you remove the grate ... anybody want to bet on the percentage of people whose grate looks just like this once they remove it?? My guess now is it is a very high percentage ... I am glad Steve stickied this issue, I think a lot of people would have this problem and should check. The paper thin aluminum on the center bolt combined with the plastic pump shoe is not good, especially with the speeds a lot of us are getting the RXPs to lately. Nice pics, thanks for posting those ... I wonder if we could combine these threads into one sticky?

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    My first Riva grate did the same thing. Bolt pulled through the middle and the inserts got pulled out, the only thing that kept it on was the front bolt. I plan on getting the R&D girdle before I start riding this year.

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    Were you guys using any jb weld in the bolt holes?

    I'm wondering if I need to remove all of that and check my grate?

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    Will this be an issue with the '08 models? I thought there was something "improved" in this area of how the grate bolts up to the plate.

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