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    NEES HELP ASAP 05 RXP water indigestion???? can i wait???

    Hey everyone i'm new to the forum and yesterday the worst thing happened to me and my friends we both went out to the beach to ride the rxp's and we fell off and they flipped over and the water got inside terribly and they wouldnt start only clicking noise so i needed to know what and if i can fix.. i know if i take to a dealer they will charge me an arm and a leg so please i can use all the info i can get . i found a how to: on water indigestion but that was for an RXT and i have an RXP so i didnt know if it was the same thing. Please help ... thanks.

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    Yes it is the same

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    does this need to be done asap or is it okay if i can wait till the weekend to do it since i work till late during the week.??

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    ... at the bare minimum, crank the engine with the plugs out and absolutely FILL the cyliders with bombardier lube or fogging fluid ASAP... you don't want a rust bucket on ur hands bc warranty ain't gonna do nuttin for that

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    well it has been there for a day now im gonna work on it tomorrow hopefully its not too late

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