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    Question for STXR Experts

    I have noticed that '99-'02 Ultra 150's have a different exhaust pipe than newer Ultra 150 models and Stxr's. The bolts that support the pipe to the exhaust manifold are smaller (they are 8/140mm instead of 10x140mm). Are there any other differences? I have an Ultra pipe that I am having a problem fitting to the stxr manifold because of this ( the ski is an stxr). I sold the D3 pipe that was on the ski. Can I just bore out the place where the support bolts go through to 10mm so it mates up correctly to the stxr manifold? Any help would be appreciated.

    John B.

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    you could but you may run into issues with regards to the water jacket in the manifold if you don't get it right

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    When you say issues with the water jackets in the manifold, are you talking about boring out the holes in the pipe may make the walls too thin or is it something about the intake manifold? Thanks.

    John B.

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    I wouldnt see why you couldnt drill and tap it. The pipe and manifold are the same, I think they decided to up the bolt size due to potential problems of the 8mm bolt breaking. The amount of material around the manifold should be the same.

    It's 2mm so...??

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    Jonny, that is what I was thinking. Kawasaki would not change the whole casting just to enlarge the bolt holes. I would not need to retap the manifold. It is already 10mm. I would just need to increase the size of the opening from 8 to 10mm on the pipe body so I could put the 10x140mm bolts though it. I have a friend at a machine shop that can put in on a drill press. Thanks for everyones help and suggestions.

    John B.

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