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    RXT handling question

    Hey guys,

    Yesterday I took my '06 RXT out for the first time, and something seemed quirky with the handling. When riding at moderate speeds - 10 to 30mph - the ski seemed to want to often pull to the right. I thought maybe it was due to the waves on the lake (they weren't big), but it had the same behavior traveling both directions. If it really was the waves I would have expected the opposite behavior coming back.

    I could counter the pull with some steering to the left, but this had the additional effect of making the ski lean to the left (which I assume is normal). So here I was traveling in a straight direction, but with the ski slightly leaning to the left. The ski did not feel very stable when riding in this way.

    Other things I noticed:
    - the tendency to pull was barely noticeable with just me riding, but much more pronounced when my wife and young daughter were also riding (we're not heavy people - I weigh 180, my wife 125, and my daughter 50)
    - the pull was less noticeable at speeds above 30

    Here's the part that really bothered me though. At one point the three of us were on it going around 10 mph, and I was countering the pull with some left steering input. All of a sudden the ski started to tip deeper to the left and water started to pour into the footwell. I knew the thing was about to tip, so I quickly jumped off (and my daughter followed). Fortunately it ended up staying upright.

    I'll admit I'm still a newbie with this thing, but this can't be normal, right? I rode an '05 RXT a few times last Dec. and it didn't have any of this quirky behavior.

    What could cause this? Possibly something faulty with the OPAS?

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    with 3 adults on the skis, they aren't 100% stable to begin with. they won't roll over, but exactly like u said, if ur going pretty slow and turn the handlebars, the wells can fill up with water, u lose control, u start to tip, then u all fall off.... u will fall off before the ski has a chance to completely roll over. 99% of the time the ski uprights itself.

    a big part of your problem is DEFINITELY the OPAS system... here's what i would recommend u do to start and see if it solves ur problem.

    get some 3/4" PVC.... get two pieces that are 2" long.

    now cut a 1/4" length-wise groove down each 2" piece...

    what ur gonna do is take these pics and jam the OPAS fins in the UP position. go to ur ski, and push the fin up all the way, u'll see 2" of the shaft exposed that the fin rides up and down on. by putting this PVC spacer there, u lock the fin UP which i think might help SOME of ur problem, maybe not all.

    let me know if that confuses u... i'll try and think of a way to better explain or whip some pictures together.

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    Thanks - your explanation makes sense and I'll give this a try. I know many people disable their OPAS and prefer riding that way, so I'm curious what the outcome will be.

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