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    Good Buy for an '05 R-12X?

    I was looking at buying a 2006 F-12 from a local dealer for about $7400 OTD, but then I came across a deal for a 2005 carry-over R-12X for $7350 OTD.

    Is that a good price for an '05? And can I attach a tow hook anywhere so I can pull a wakeboarder or tuber?



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    You could tow with it, but I do not recommend it. The ski is not make for it and really sucks to tow with. I have tried it and the rear of the ski gets pulled around really easy towing.

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    Is it a turbo and does that price include trailer? I am pretty sure it illegal to tow wit a 2 seater... Cause u suppose to have one driven one spotter and a place for person in water..

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    I live in MN and here you can legally tow if you have a wide view mirror on your craft OR a spotter. So I can tow without a spotter and have room for the person in the water.

    I just have to decide if I'm getting an F-12 or an R-12X. They're the same price and the F-12X is $1100 more.

    Just trying to figure out if the R-12X deal is too good to pass up. Thanks for the responses.


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    Well a none turbo ain't got no lag on bottom side so it would be good for towing cause its gone pull the same all the way threw.. But i like my power so the turbo will obviously out perform it but it also might snatch the rope out ya skiers hands to.. Ha.

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