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    Gauges in the mirror

    Tell me ... how do you guys go abotu doing this? I'd like to put a round depthfinder in the mirror and maybe a boost/vacuum gauge.

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    i think shibby was working on a drilled mirror design for the rxt and rxp

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    Gonna give this a bump.

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    How do you like this guage install???
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I LIKEY suckmywake.... give me details ASAP... parts and procedure please

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    That`s cool! ...PR...

    here`s another:
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    The pic suckmywake posted does not do the install justice. Ran into him on the river last weekend and the gauge install looks very nice if you can see it in person.

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    In case anyone's wondering what to do to get the mirror out ... there's a wingnut on the backside of it. You can get to it by taking the bucket out of the top of the hood and reaching behind the mirror through the hood.

    That's what I was wanting to know more than anything. I think there is enough room for a pair of mirrors in there too.

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    Ok this isn't the best pic but you'll get the idea:

    I actually used a piece of hard plastic that I cut to fit inside the mounting for the mirror and removed the mirror. This let me use the same wingnut and swivel mount and allows me to actually change the position of the mirror/guage just like on a unmolested mirror.

    Of course it also required I mount the guage far to the inside so I could keep the whole swivel/wingnut assembly intact. and you are right, there's more than enough room on the outside part of the plastic to affix a little square mirror if I decide at some point I want a mirror over there again.

    If I end up putting a A/F or other guage in the left mirror this is most certainly something i will do...

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    suckmywave where did you get that gauge pod and the gauge looks big is that a 2 5/8 or 2 1/6"

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