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    Lost RPM after installing RIVA Power!

    Ok, on April 30 I was completely stock. Temperature was 50F with no humidity and I ran a 68.5 mph @ 8100 RPM.

    Now I have the RIVA pro-series blockoffs and the RIVA Power Filter installed. Have not installed the Solas 14/19R or pump wedge yet. Temperature was a little above 80F with humidity at around 60 to 70%. My RPM dropped to 8050 and I saw no gain on the top end. One time only I hit 8100 RPM and got 69.4 mph.

    I thought I would've gained about 150 RPM and be hitting the limiter. What could cause me to lose RPM after installing the Power Filter?


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    One thing I forgot to mention is that I also installed the RIVA intake grate, and the bolt areas are flush with the ride plate, but it does scoop down a little past the ride plate. But I think that's normal.

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    It's that extra 30F of air temperature not to mention the additional water temperature that's eating your rpms...

    You can't really do before and afters on parts in dis-similar conditions as that really skews the results.

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    Yes, it was very hot and humid. The hull was sweating when I put it on the lift and that was at 8 PM. But still, I can't believe I would lose that many RPM from the heat. Last year I was turning 8000 RPM completely stock in 75F with 30 to 40% humidity. So I guess I gained about 50 RPM if any.

    My question now becomes: what can I do to get my RPM up more from 8050 before I put the Solas 14/19R on


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    The wedge will help some. But, I also agree, the humidity is as big a factor as the temperature.

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    Will trimming the reverse bucket bring my RPM up some? I notice that its kinda blocking some water flow from the pump.

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