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    Jah let me tell you that you cant go wrong with those carbs,ask Scott how they run in the manga bush killa..

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    they have always made a diff when I used them,full specs as well.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your interesting story.

    We are changing a Yamaha GP 1200 R back to regular unleaded fuel 95 octan (maybe using 99 octan regular fuel) - Danish fuels standards

    Now it is build for I think 112 or 109 octan racefuel.

    So we have changed the dooms from 27 cc down to 35 cc on the Riva tops and would very mutch like your help of suggestions for changing the size of the carburetor dyses.

    The little is now 140

    And the big is 160

    What will you suggest based on below details – it is a extreme superstock GP1200R (1400) – I don’t think there can be done more in the world than what has been done to this machine… he won pretty mutch every race he where participating in, in Europe, when he was racing, - the former owner.

    It has below:


    Total Loos MSD – the biggest version with Alu. Fly Wheel – ignition wheel
    Mod. race crank
    50 mm NOVI Carburators
    Riva tops
    Kawasaki pistons
    Custom crank house
    Custom cylinders
    Tripple pipe exhaust
    Magnum pump
    Thin blade race impeller
    And all other that is not engine based accessories/equipment like UMI, cabon seat, carbon hood, wings, sponsons, grate etc..etc.. have it all.

    Hope you can help me out her... it sounds like you are the guy to ask

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Jon from Denmark

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    Great info

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    Tim is awesome to work with

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    this is really interesting

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    Would like to add start at 145 on lows. I'm now happy with 140, 1 turn.
    Now 175 highs 0 turns, got dark so I didn't se if rmps were stable or decreasing.. 7700
    2.5 ns 115gr spring

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