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    wear ring questions

    I have a RXT 06 with about 35hrs on it and last weekend we sucked up a crap load of seaweed into the intake. Well after finally digging it all out I think I lost some top end speed and acceleration. This all could be in my head but I would like to change the wear ring and see if I notice a difference. I've read the "How-To's" and I think I understand it all. My only question is I don't see anywhere that you need to apply silicon or some type of sealent anywhere on the pump during reassembly. Also I've read alot of people in here talking about a stainless steel wear ring from skat-trak. My question is if we go with a ss wear ring and you suck something up do you damage your prop instead of the wear ring? Also is there any other benefits from the ss wear ring compared to the plastic one? Also what is a price range for the ss wear rings?

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    On the SS wear ring, you will get some debate. If you suck up something really sturdy, you risk ruining the prop and wear ring whereas the plastic wear ring will take the brunt of the damage saving the prop. But for the normal stuff you suck up, the ss wear ring and prop will chew it up and spit it out without any damage that you would have with the plastic wear ring. Plus, with a heavily modded ski, you will burn through plastic wear rings every 8-10 hours unless you get the RR engine mount. For stock or lightly modded skis, you are probably fine with the plastic. But if you mod, the SS is a good investment over the long haul.

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    well said Franco!...PR...

    look on Jerry`s blog for the skat info and pricing of the stainless wear ring...

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