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    WRITE now! Right now!

    AWA Alert: Your U.S. Senator needs to hear for you.
    Legislative Fix In for Federal Boating Permit Debacle.

    With six months to go, Congress has finally acted on the issue surrounding “federal boating permits.” Senate Environment and Public Works Chair Barbara Boxer and Senator Bill Nelson today introduced the Clean Boating Act of 2008, which will fully and permanently restore the longstanding regulatory exemption for recreational boats and recreational boats used for charter fishing expeditions from any federal or state permitting under the Clean Water Act.

    Every boater needs to contact their Senator today and urge them to support this common sense measure. For an easy and free way to contact your Senator please click on the following link:

    Make the call, and stand with us as we preserve and expand boating access to America’s public waterways.

    For more information, contact the AWA at 800-913-AWA1.

    Think Free. Live Free. Ride Free.

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    Monday, March 17, 2008

    BUN Freestyle Cares posted by Wiley Russell Jr

    IJSBA 2007 World Champion in Pro freestyle, Fumikazu Watanabe is supporting awareness for the conservancy of ecology or our surroundings. At the Yokohama Boat show recently in Japan, his booth was dispensing for free, seedling samples of flower packets to beautify your neighborhood, with planting mix.

    His message is simple; pay attention to the environment, remove garbage, and become more ecologically minded, such as recycling waste products. I brought home a few packets myself and my daughter planted them straightaway. We are looking forward to early spring blooms! Not only can you be mindful of refuse, but you can beautify your environment by planting color, lots of flowers bring lots of smiles!

    Remember when you are at your local race or beach site, pick up garbage not only from your own camp, but from anyone else who has been less resourceful. At world finals, or just recreational events, I make it a point as I’m walking to another location to pick up any strewn debris from people who have no excuse, since I can find a trash receptacle, so can they. Always bring a garbage bag with you, and pick up any floating plastic or styrofoam, place it in your bag in your forward storage compartment on larger PWC’s.

    If you are an AWA member that belongs to a Chapter or Club, organize a shoreline cleanup day on behalf of your membership and your community!
    I make sure that I go the distance, even if others won’t, because being a good steward of our sport isn’t just sportsmanlike behavior, it is in everything we do. We are responsible, because we act responsibly!
    Yours In Water Safety

    Shawn Alladio
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