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    R&D supercharger pulley belt tension

    Im almost done installng the supercharger pulley + vent kit, however i

    have an issue with the belt tension after installing the 1 to 1 puley and

    the r&d dampner pulley. I tried yousing the kawasaki belt tension

    measuring tool before the install on my stock setup and it was perfectly

    set. After the install the guage is showng me that my tension is weak

    even when i fully tighten the adjuster bolt. For those that underwent

    install id appreciate it if you would chime in.

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    I have not installed the SC kit, but have plenty of experience with belt driven performance machines. A rule of thumb is to not be able to twist the belt a full 90 degrees to itself with your fingers where you would ordinarily check with the factory tool.

    Just my .02, take it with a grain of salt.

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    Thanks found the problem, i put the belt over the idler pulley instead of

    under it lol. I guess thats what happens when you work on your ultra for 12

    straight hours.

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    Please post results when done.

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    1 to 1 pulley havnt tuned it yet with the powershot. 71 really quick with still

    more to go, 7900 - 8100 rpms. Out of the hole would jump 1 - 2 boat lengths

    over a 2008 ultra with riva plate and impellor. Say around 10 seconds later

    id be 5 boat lengths away. Bottom line is it kicks *** right now cant wait to

    tune it.

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    WOW…. Did you buy the entire kit?
    Aftermarket impeller?
    So it more accelleratioin as opposed to top speed. Keep us posted.

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    Dunz i got the entire kit. Im waiting for the cooling kit to change the impellor

    Id say the gains are all around. Acceleration, response and top speed. I tried

    it today and managed a 72. I even let a new rxpx run infront of me and

    managed to quickly pass him in the flat. This kits got potential, i hope to get

    73+ when i get the tuning sorted out.

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    Do you have any updates on the kit? speed wise?
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    I lost 200 rpm's and some acceleration. Topspeed is around 71+ with low fuel but i still cant manage 72.

    The weather heated up a bit its 90' at times but i dont know if that accounted to the 200 rpm loss.

    I put a boost guage on yesterday so ill be checking the boost today. Ill also check the impellor for any damage.

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    As Ive said before, The charger is only good to 7600 rpm. Turning it fast then that does not give you more top end boost.

    What the kit does do is provide alot more boost at take off and all the was to 7600 rpm.

    From 7600 to 9000 is a plato of boost 12.4 to 12.8 depending on the SC.

    What does help is the kit give great bottom and mid range. It also gives the boat more strenght to turn different props.
    If anyone is going to find the right prop it will be Ultra250 TN.

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