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    F.S. Kawasaki Ultra 150 parts BLOWOUT

    I will sell it all for $2000!!

    I have way too many parts laying around. All my Ultra 150 parts need to go. Blowout prices-- i want that amount in my paypal account!

    Complete white hull w/ hydroturf mat kit and rub rails, ADA billet exhaust outlet, triple pissers, includes dash and factory Kawasaki on/off switch w/ key, complete plastics, hood has slight crack at hinge, factory fuel and oil tanks, JetTrim seat cover, no controls/handlebars, no pump, no engine- $400 w/ trailer

    Agressor sponsons- $70
    R&D scoop grate- $70

    UMI billet steering
    throttle/oil lines, start/stop/trim switch

    rebuilt pump w/ new bearings and seals
    new wear ring
    solas 17/21 prop
    Maybe 5 hours since rebuild- great condition- completely together

    Complete Ultra 150 motor
    Speedworx billet head w/ girdle kit- pump gas domes 93 octane
    motor is still together- would like to sell complete, it has been sitting for about 2 years, it ran fine last time out, selling as-is- i did not start it when i decided to part, this is just a longblock-no carbs/manifolds/pipe- $1200

    starter relay box w/ wiring- a little rusty inside but worked
    starter relay box w/ wiring- looks like new
    electrical cdi box
    brand new starter
    used starter
    stock exhaust pipe
    stock exhaust manifold
    stock plastic intake cover
    stock water box

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    How much for the good relay box?

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    make me an offer man!

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    Hey in the pic what carbs are those and what jetting where you running if you dont mind me asking.

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    mikuni 44s- not sure what jetting

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    do u still have the good relay box an is that the small box that has the voltage regulator

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    I know you didn't want to rip into the motor but I'm in need of a cooling rail if you change your mind.

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    i do have a good starter relay box!

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    ok how much do u want for it?

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