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    Jetting specs for Novi's

    I am about to get my carbs sorted out on my UNPORTED 1300 conversion and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on some winning formulas for jetting in this area.

    the motor is pretty much stock, just a 1200 ski with a 1300 top end , gas valves, milled head for 150 comp coupled with novi 48's.

    currently it has 110 lows 135 highs , i am not sure on the springs.

    keep in mind this ski is not ported.

    what jetting specs should i be looking at considering it is for sea level use.

    it also has an advent t3 ignition but i don't know if this effects the equation and a stock pipe setup.

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    At sea level on my unported 1200 I ran 125m 115p with 2.3 N/S and 95g spring.

    Put the same Novi 48s on my ported 1300 and ended up with 140m 120p same N/S and spring.

    My guess would be 135m and 115p. They are very reactive to the adjustment screws so very tuneable IMO.

    This is also with the internal fuel pumps and duel feed lines on both carbs. Return jet is 110.

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    I tend to like things to be a litttle rich

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    well it sounds like i need to get it on the water for some testing...i need to find some old plugs first because the ones in it are brand new and cant be read.

    when i started up here at home off the hose for ten seconds, plugs 2 & 3 got what he described as hotter then normal pretty quick.....that concerned my wrench a little but without water to test on its a bit hard to tell.

    thanks for the pointers guys, i willrelay this info over and with a bit of luck will be tuning in the next two weeks.

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