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    my head hurts still...

    So i was flyin down a streach of the lake going close to full throttle probley 7000 rpm's or so and out of no where i hit a wave. I remember seeing it right before i hit and i remember seein the water right before i hit. Next thing i knew i was floatin on my back seeing stars literally...i always thought that was a figure of speach. A boat that was close by rushed over to see if i was alright and they gave me a ride to the ski...that thing was far away. so i was told i landed close to head first. I think i pulled a neck musle and a musle in my right arm from it being thrown around when i hit the water. 5 hours later my head is still hurtin even after ibprofane lol. This every happen to anyone else?

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    I haven't gotten thrown off yet, but it does suck when a big roller takes you by surprise. If you're not on balance it's easy to get tippy or airborne without knowing it's coming. It happens and I hope you feel better. Two years ago on the 4th of July I had a major wipeout water skiing. Had that same neck stinger as I went in head first. Loaded up on advil and it was better in 2-3 days.

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    Dude, that sucks, but do you think you have a concusion? If it doesn`t go away soon, you should see your doctor...
    Hope your alright...PR...

    story: Some a$$hole boat and skier made an illegal u-turn right in front of us, we were at a safe distance going into the first wake, but when he abruptly made the u-turn we hit the second wake and my wife on the back became airbourne and landing her jaw on my head, that didn`t feel to good for the both of us. It was an out of state boater from Penso on NJ waters, they suck, Benny`s go home!!! ...PR...

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    PR You've gotta get over this why me thing... It's over now... Start doing the work yourself, some of these dealers don't get that your life is on hold until it's running

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    happened to me today right off the bat. i installed my new riva sponsons and right when i left the marina started off perrty fast and bam a wave. i got lucky and skipped a couple of times on the top of the water before i really landed.

    and here i was talkin shit to my dad about never falling off the day before. he was to sore to go with us today so he missed it.

    my right ankle still hurts were it got twisted when i got thrown. my right calf is sore to must of hit it on the side well or somthing.

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