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    Riva Sponson settings

    Looking to possibly purchase the Riva Sponsons for the T-X and wondered what the experts have to say about them. They look cool, but do they offer any functional performance?

    Any good or bad comments on them would be appreciated as well as any experience with settings for the RXT hull.

    Thanks, Jon

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    Personaly, i love using the stock sponsons i just drop them about 1" and to me they work alot better than the Riva, R&D, or the works. But then again that is my personal preference. The stock sponson turn alot tighter and handle alittle better on the water.

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    I have the Riva Sponsons on my 06 rxp and have been running them for a year now..You are DEFINATLY gonna want to leave them all the way down..I have put them up one notch to see what they would do and at high speed the ass of the ski wants to dance i didnt even try to put them all the way up..With them in the down posssistion the work well.
    Some people who have run both say the stock sponsons work just as well as the Rivas.Havent had the opertunity to try that..Hope this helps,

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    I could not tell much difference in the pro sponsons and the stock ones. if you get the Riva run them all the way down. I got em cause they look better with the chrome inserts and such.

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    Riva ones all the way. Loved them on my '04 RXP and had them in the all-the-way down position. They really grab but once you get used to them then they are really predictable and track nicely and will definitely hold a carving turn. Plus they, in my opinion, are the best looking sponsons out there!

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    Sounds good...looks like the majority like them, but in the down position....any other pro's / con's out there???

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    I also like Riva all the way down... They realy grab

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