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    i need help with a 98 gtx ltd, driving me crazy

    hi all, i have a 98 3 seater gtx ltd, when i first brought it the motor blew apart 1 week after i got it, now its just had another motor put into it and im having similar problems like i was with the first motor. i keep getting the low 12vlt alarm when starting the ski, then when it starts it sounds very rough, when its out of the water it idles at 2000 rpm for about 20 to 30 sec them it will rev up to 3000, in the water it idles at 1200rpm. when i first took it out on the water after the new motor went in it was reving out to 7000rpm in the water but after riding it around for about 30 min it just died in the ass and now its strugling to rev out to 5500rpm and has gone ver slugish. does anyone have any ideas as to why its doing this and why it wont rev out to 7000rpm anymore the motor is a 951 carby and it has had a carby rebuild aswell, please help its doing my head in


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    It sounds like you have a couple different problems going on. First you may want to check your raves valves check to make sure they are clean and opening properly. Second could be a fuel delivery problem are the fuel lines in good shape or do they have a small hole in them that is causing the unstable idling, do you have any debris in the fuel filter. Check these items and I bet you can find your problem.

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    the fuel filter was replaced with a new one and im not sure about the rave valves i will have to ask the seadoo dealer who installed the motor


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    You may want to pm Dsolie on this board, he lives over in Washington and probably could help you out better.
    I would pull the carbs off and make sure the filters are clean.

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    hers the update on my little problem, well it turnes out that the problem was the motor was starving for fuel so i got that problem fixed, bearing in mind that this is a new motor, went out into the sea gave it a test and it ran beautifull 76km ph not a problem, was great for about 10min then it started running rough again and stalled, then it wouldnt start it kept flashing on the screen 12v low and then it would reset. finaly after floating around in the middle of the god dam sea for about 15 min it started again so i headed back to shore ran fine again till i got to about 100 meters from sure where it just stoped, there was no warning no anything it just stoped dead in the water while i was doing about 35km ph. so i got towed back to the boat ramp and took it back to the shop and low and behold the motor has seized. now remeber this was a new motor that got put in 2 days ago. anyone got any ideas as to why it would just seize like that. i took the pulgs out and checked them there is no water in the cylinders and the spark plugs are clean and fireing good. checked the battery and it has a charge of 12v and cheked to see if it was charging and its all good in that area aswell. someone please help


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    Well I dont know about the rest of the guys but if you pull a piston and take a pic you can usually tell by how and where it siezed. If you where having trouble before I would assume you still had a lean condition and lean is bad for a 2 stroke. makes the temps go up to much and melts the exhaust side of the piston.

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