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    05 GTX 4tec SC Cooling System Issue

    A 2005 4TEC, The coolant will not stay in the cooling system. Die was put in the cooling system and it came out thru the exhaust but there is no coolant or water in the oil, the oil is clean. There is a possibility it was low on cooling fluid and ski over heated. What could be the possible cause of the problem?.

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    that doesn`t sound good, could be cracked head, water jacket to exhaust port or valve. Pressurize the cooling system and carefully listen for the leak/hiss/gurgle sounds...PR...

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    if you put die in the closed loop side of the engine cooling system(were the antifreeze goes) and you see traces of it it the exhaust then you may have a crack in the head.

    you have two cooling systems on a 4tec engine
    the closed loop for the engine (this has NOTHING to do with the exhuast)

    and a open loop that runs the ic and exhaust.

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    Daniel, that`s what I was thinking also...PR...

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