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    Question 2003 Msx 140 Ho?

    Found one in Dallas,seldom used and in mint condition. The guy is asking 5500(trailer is also perfect). What do you guys think? Its been used so little there is no telling what it will take to get to the water.Should old gas be a concern? Thanks in advance for any reply.

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    Old gas - probably better to be safe than sorry. Drain it out if you can - just dispose of it responsibly.

    Old 2-stroke oil can sometimes go bad. If your boat has the synthetic Polaris oil, I would imagine the oil is just fine.

    Call your local (whoever that may be) Polaris dealer, and ask to have the HIN number checked for service history, and in particular for outstanding Service Bulletins.

    The last four digits of the HIN can tell you when (month+year) that boat was made. Post them here, we might be able to figure out if that was an early or late 2003 production unit.

    The 2003 model year had some teething problems with the MSX 140, so there were a number of updates that apply.

    There are also a few threads on here discussing differences between 2003 and 2004 MSX140. Do a search, and read through the MSX/Matrix section here.

    The 2003 hulls were a little heavier in the nose, and there is a suspicion that the early 2003 engine crankshafts were less perfectly made than the later builds.

    Engine compression should be checked. If it has not been run very often, do you know if the engine was fogged between uses? The concern is that there is always some water in the exhaust system, and the moisture can work its way back into the crankcase, where the steel crankshaft and bearings can rust. Fogging oil protects against this corrosion.

    Prices vary, but I paid less than $5K in Nov 2007 for a low hours 2004 MSX140 (no trailer). I think the current going rate is $4K to $5K.

    The real question is how comfortable you are doing your own maintenance and repairs.

    Polaris owners, on the whole, recognize that dealer support is thin, and tend to be self reliant, and help each other, primarily through this online community. Parts are generally not a problem, and almost everything can be ordered from a number of reliable sources.

    If you have clear photos of the boat exterior and engine area, post them here. Sometimes we can see things that need attention.

    Trailer tires generally die from age rather than tread wear. If the trailer is also 5 years old, those tires may be near the end of their lives. Look for signs of drying and cracking rubber between the tread and on the sidewalls.

    Ask how often the wheel bearings have been greased. Look for signs of grease leakage on both inside and outside of each wheel - could indicate that the seals need replacing, and water may have gotten inside, shortening the bearing life.

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    Now thats what I call a reply. I need to get the HIN number and talk to the polaris dealer about giving this machine a once over. I'm very comfortable working on things, I just haven't turned my attention to a PWC. I will be checking this site frequently over the next week as I'm doing my homework.

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    Hi DefJef, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.

    We LOVE photo's here, post a few up.
    What color is it, the blue or burgundy?

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    Its the blue. I will definitely get some pics up when I get this deal done. I did talk to a dealer and for about 225.00,they will drain old gas ,check compression and several other things. There is one company near me that will still service the polaris watercraft.What an awesome site for anyone with a jetski or in the market for one.

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