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    I purchased a used 98 GTI Sea Doo, 3 seater. I can't ride it because it cavitates. It will plane with one person, but not with two. The wear ring had some scratches, but nothing major. I replace the wear ring and that did not fix it. We returned it to the dealer we puchased it from and he replaced the prop. That fixed it for a short period of time. It worked good for a few hours, but it gradually kept getting slower and slower, now it won't come out of the water with more than one person on it. I replaced the wear ring again and that did not fix it. There were a few knicks on the prop. I smoothed the edges with a die grinder and smoothed out the knicks, it still won't go. The engine revving at full throttle. The ski has a new Rotax SBT engine in it. I also replaced the plugs and wires. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Umm if the pump was removed check the pump seal, carbon seal, maybe wrong prop? Those are my guesses!

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    Check the pump seal. Was there any water in the hull after you tried things? If there is some water in the hull it could be the carbon ring or it could simple need some grease. There is a grease fitting on the PTO end of the shaft. The grease helps keep some pressure on the carbon ring.

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