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    Question If you had a stock R12X and ~3K to burn...

    What would you do?

    Here's where I am...

    I recently fell into a meticulously maintained stock '03 R12X. My riding area is in the North East USA, so we have a short season to ride in. During that time I want to get the most out of my ski. I spend alot of time in ocean surf, but wouldn't mind being able to crush other sleds on the occasional lake or a calm river.

    I'd like to have my ski rip my arms off when jumping surf, but still be able to keep up with stock Seadoos in the ~67mph range. In other words, the perfect match between acceleration and top end. I have about 3k to spend (alright, less than 5...) on tuning it up and I'd like to see what people's "wish lists" would include for around that amount of cash. I know I could go the "easy" (and cheaper) route and just pickup a Stage 2 macboost kit, but really, I'm not sure if that meets my wants.

    Can I meet the performance I want for the price? As I asked to begin with, "What would you do?"

    PS: As you can tell from the join date, I'm new here, but I've been told this is the place to ask. I'm also more of a bit head than a gear head, so try to put your slander in laymans terms.

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    Read post about R12x mods in Aussieland. Our ski wil have its first hit out this weekend. Don't really think 67/68 MPH will be a problem, looking to be close to mid 70's (after some future tuning/mods).

    You will be surprised how much arm pull you will get with MAC Stage 2 kit.

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    Patrat: I did, and the questions I have is "what can I actually buy out of this?" A few of the components were like they were custom builds or under development....

    I've read enough to say people swear by the MACS kit, but things seem to be missing that kit:

    - What about the grate? Everyone except R&D seems to say the Aquavein isn't worth the metal it's cast from. I'd also like to avoid wrecking the stock grate as I might want to return it to OEM in the future.
    - Is the 17/29 improp the way to go? What's wrong with the 17/28, or the Skat Trak 12/21?
    - Do I need a Wedge / Nozzle? The only one I can seem to find is the R&D Nozzle or the Macs Wedge (which is sold out until the day after never).
    - What about a Ride plate? This could help with planing and top end, but who has legit numbers on a real plate?
    - Do I need to get new Valve Springs? If I follow Nitroshark's advice, or what's happening to the Aussieland rig, that's a "hell yeah". Who makes them? Where can I buy them?

    I'd also like to bolt on / replace as the way to go, I'd rather not do anything permanent to the ski, like rip out a few bars of the stock grate.

    Now finally, I don't want to spend half the day retuning this thing to match the air/water temp every time I want to ride. I also don't mind running a slight mix of extra octane to get it to run smooth, but I'd like to be able to mode it to my riding desires, versus letting buddy tool on it for 20mins.

    Purhaps I ask too much...

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    Our mods are specific for racing. Some of them would not be worth the money just to get a bit extra, just to have fun.

    You only need stronger springs if you go over the rev limiter, which you need an aftermarket ECU to do.

    The stock turbo is only good to about 210HP, which the Stage 2 kits gets you to.

    Honestly if you want a quick bolt on, get the Stage 2 Kit. The solas prop is the way to go. & run some higher octane fuel.

    We are using the R&D intake grate, because we ride in chop when racing. WORX are bringing out a grate in September/October. If you are riding in flat water cut the bars of the OEM grate. They are not that expensive to replace.

    Basic ride plate mod is to get 95mm extension welded on. Easy to cut off if you want later (you can't use reverse bucket with extension though)

    The ride plate extension has helped keep the ski hooked up & we ran quicker (better holeshot, faster top end & quicker out of turns) than another R12x without the ride plate extension (& 30lb lighter rider). Both were running Stage 2 Kits.

    Another simple mod is a Blow off Valve, help reduce Turbo Lag, when you get off the throttle. Which you do a bit of in the surf.

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    Can you post more info on this ride plate extension? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Thomas View Post
    Can you post more info on this ride plate extension? Thanks.

    He has Carlos.....and @PWCToday.

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    Question patrot.. Where can i get after market valve springs and a ecu and how much more rpms will the aftermarket ecu give you?

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    Not to be a downer but I would keep that ski stock or sell and just buy an RXP and be done with it. It's going to take a lo to beat one so you just might as well buy one. You barely breath on an RXP and it's over 70. I still have yet to see one break 70. A lot of talk and no show. Good luck for 3-grand...

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    I can put you in the 70's but it will cost more than 3K to do it. The Nitro Stg1 Kit will put your R12x in the 68 MPH range as its been proving to do this over and over again. (Stg1 kit has a aftermarket ECU and CDI)


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    I agree with Red Rider ... the RXPs run 68 stock, stage 1 pushes them to 71-72, add an intercooler and impeller and you can easily run 75+ mph on the stock supercharger - total parts around $1400. Add a better SC impeller and some minor tweaking (free) and you can be running 77 mph for less than $2000 in parts. And beyond that, the more money you throw at them, the faster they go ... we have stock ECU skis going 80+ mph now and with developments in ride plates and the new setback pump, there will be RXPs running 85+ mph on premium pump gas this summer. Just some food for thought if speed is your thing ...

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