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    Truck/Van guru`s???

    anyone know where I can find what the axle code means, X24?

    I have a 2007 Ford E250SD econoline van.
    4.6L V8
    3:73 gear ratio with tow package.

    the rear is an open wheeler, I think it is semi-floating,,,
    is it a Dana 60?

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    You will have to call the dealer with the vin and the tag number off the diff...

    Rear Drive Axle and Differential Axle
    The Model 60-1U, Model 70-2U and Model 70TR rear axles feature:

    • Semi-floating or full-floating axle shafts on Model 60-1U rear axles
    • Full floating axle shafts on Model 70-2U and Model 70TR rear axles
    • An integral-type differential housing consisting of a cast center section with 2 steel tubes
    • A stamped differential housing cover
    • A hypoid-design differential ring gear and pinion with the centerline of the pinion set below the centerline of the differential ring gear
    • Drive pinion bearing preload shims to maintain pinion bearing preload
    • A selective outboard spacer, located between the differential bearing cups and the differential housing and a selective differential bearing shim located between the differential bearings and the differential case to adjust differential bearing preload and differential ring gear backlash
    • Conventional or limited-slip differential assemblies
    • An embossed metal tag identification tag, bolted to the differential housing cover
    Axle Identification
    Rear Axle - Semi-Floating, Model 60-1U, Conventional - Exploded View (Part 1)
    Rear Axle - Semi-Floating, Model 60-1U, Conventional - Exploded View (Part 2)
    Full-Floating - Models 60-1U, 70-2U and 70TR, Exploded View (Part 1)
    Full-Floating - Models 60-1U, 70-2U and 70TR, Exploded View (Part 2)

    Differential - Dana Limited-Slip

    Two-Pinion Limited-Slip Differential - Model 60-1U Trac-Lok(R) (Full-Floating Axle), Exploded View
    Limited-Slip Differential - Model 70 Trac-Lok
    Differential Clutch Pack - Exploded View

    The Model 60 differential clutch packs have clutch discs with concentric grooves and clutch plates with radial grooves. Prior to assembly, soak the clutch packs for 20 minutes in Additive Friction Modifier.
    Arrangement of these plates and discs is at the option of the vehicle manufacturer. During disassembly, note the arrangement of these components to maintain their order during assembly.

    The Model 70 axles have differential clutch packs with carbon fiber plates and require no friction modifier.

    Each differential clutch pack is premeasured to make sure of correct stack height. Do not separate the differential clutch packs and intermix the clutch plates and clutch discs from other differential clutch packs.

    In diagnosis of vehicle operator complaints, 2 things must be recognized:

    • If, with unequal traction, both wheels slip, the limited-slip has done all it can possibly do.
    • In extreme cases of differences in traction, the wheel with the least traction may spin after the limited-slip has transferred as much torque as possible to the non-slipping wheel.

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    Thank You WFO!

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