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    check engine light

    hey guys,
    new to the forum and new to the polaris life. Got a 04' msx150 coupe weeks back. Just wanted to pick some brains about a few things. Battery was dead when i got the ski, so bought a new one and cranked the machine on its trailer. I know i can only run it for 30 seconds or so like this. the machine sounds great with only 28 hours on it, but the check engine light is on. could this be from it being out of the water? good chance i may have over-filled the oil too. That could obviously make it come on too, right? thanks logan

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    Overfilling the oil can cause significant problems with the MSX 110 & MSX 150 Weber turbocharged engines. BTW, the MSX140 has a completely different engine.

    Do some searches on here. You will find that the FULL mark on the oil dipstick is actually too high. Full mark when cold = overfull when running, which leads to oil ingestion into the air intake system, which causes damage.

    Also, it is recommended to run the engine out of the water with REVERSE engaged. Reverse actuates an RPM limiter, to prevent over-revving the engine.

    There are a number of MSX owners on here, I am sure they can add more.

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    You may not have run the engine long enough for the computer to perform all of it's sensor, and parameter, checks. Try running it either on a garden hose (requires the flushing kit), or on the water, before assuming that you have an issue.

    As to the oil level, always run the engine for a short period, turn off, then wait for a few minutes before checking the oil reservoir dipstick (do not screw the filler cap/dipstick in when checking levels). The level should be about halfway between ADD and FULL. This is a dry sump system...and will always read low if you don't run the engine first.
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    run your oil level at just on the stick to the add mark. the add is your full mark. if you run it any higher than this you will have problems!!!!!!!

    the check engine light comes on at initial start up as part of a diagnostic check. it will flash for about 10-15 seconds and then should go off. do not run your machine for longer than 30 seconds without water or you will cook you exhaust temp sensor and it will go off prematurely.

    as mentioned about make sure that you run the engine for 30 seconds prior to checking oil level and just place the stick on the tank do not screw it in. hope this helps.

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    hey guys thanks a lot. i had overfilled the tank just a hair too much. the ski is running great. can't wait to get on the water! thanks again

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    I'd also like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

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