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    Waveblaster help & questions

    Im new to this so bear with me, but Ive come into a 1993 waveblaster, and it appears to be all stock, when you take off it kinda sputters & 1/3 rd to 1/2 throttle seems to be equal to full throttle
    Just wondering if any body has any suggestions, carb appears to be clean inside, but im not sure what the settings are supposed to be on low & high speed screws. This is a really fun to ride ski, but really seems to bog & be flat off the bottom which makes it hard to get good runs in a chop for wave jumping, any suggestions & help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome the the forum. Even if the carbs are clean, they still might need to be rebuilt. The check valves and diaphrams are probably not sealing like they should. I would start by changing or cleaning the fuel filter, and put a new set of spark plugs in if you haven't already. If it still acts up I would rebuild the carbs. However, before I rebuilt the carbs I would make sure the adjustment screws are where they should be. I don't know on the blaster where they need to be, maybe someone will chime in on this.

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    Most likely a carb issue like 97 said. Give JimsPerformance a PM, he can hook you up with a rebuild at a very reasonable cost. Internal fuel pumps are known to go bad along with the diaphrams.

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    If you can find a Parts Unlimited dealer, in there watercraft book is a little book you can buy that tells you all about the carbs and what to do. It is only $5.. Its a Mikuni BN carb>>>

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