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    Fuel in oil `07 250X

    Can anyone tell me if the R&D crankcase ventilation/oil and vapour seperator kit will reduce fuel getting into the oil?

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    +1, after only 10hours ridin I got about 1/4 of a litre of stinky gas outa my can.....just think that woulda been in my oil....YUK!!!

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    ok maybe it seams a strange question but really like to know how to discover the problem fuel getting into the oil, shall i check the oil frequently and just have a simple of oil with fuel smile ? I’m having 07 Ultra now just 10 hr and I really do not know the fuel in oil issue is accurse I hope not. is this issue is common for all 07 models or case by case?

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    Yep, CHECK FREQUENTLY! Like before and after EVERY RIDE! Look at where your oil is on dipstick prior to ride, when your done riding, and the ski has been sitting for a while, check it again, did it rise? Does it smell like gas? Monotoring it often, and taking action will be good. If you like, change oil often.

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