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    Yamaha Reliability Vs. Others

    Hello. Just started looking at purchasing a PWC. Initially I was solely interested in the Sea-Doo RXT-X, but several dealers which sell both Sea-Doo and Yamaha suggested that I look at Yamaha based on reliability. The dealers admitted that Sea-Doo usually has a slight edge on performance, but they considered Yamaha a better value due to price and reliability.

    I am interested in why others chose Yamaha instead of another brand.

    The models I am considering are:

    Yamaha FX SHO
    Yamaha FX SHO Cruiser (not sure of the difference between the two)
    Sea-Doo RXT-X

    I plan on using the machine on the St. Mary's River in Upper Michigan which can get pretty choppy due to weather and freighter traffic. I want something stable that can handle larger swells and wakes.

    Regarding trailers, is one just as good as the next when comparing Triton, Karavan, or R&R?

    Thanks. Excellent Forum.

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    Welcome to the hulk, the only differance between the Yamaha SHO and SHO Cruiser is the colours and the cruiser has a different seat

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    That's a loaded question

    Generally, yes the yammi is more reliable, BUT the SHO has a new engine, while the seadoo has a proven setup. Some may argue that these X boats are the most reliable engines ever offered by seadoo. . . And I'm a yamaha guy

    Yammi on the other hand is world renowned with there engines. They have delayed the release of these SHO's for a few years already, and now it appears that they are recalling them before they are even sold in an effort to maintain there reputation.

    Check this out

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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    I figured it was a tough question since reading several posts on this forum and others.

    The recall doesn't bother me too much since it shows they are willing to fix the problem.

    I have a couple of dealers here in Michigan that sell both Sea-Doo and Yamaha. They probably can give me some more information.

    I like the fact that the Yamaha uses regular unleaded rather than premium. It appears both skis are very good performers, but use slightly different technology to produce their results.

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