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    STXR Stock Nozzle Size?

    Does anyone know what the stock exit and steering nozzle sizes are for an '03 stxr? Thanks.

    John B.

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    Are both of them 82mm?

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    Just got stock STXR reduction nozzle to try on 15F, its 80mm, std 15F is 82mm.

    Not sure about steering nozzle but it is normally a few mm larger. On my 15f its 90mm.

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    The STXR is 80mm with no fins in the exit nozzle. The 15f is 82mm and has fins in the exit nozzle.

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    I have a set that is 80mm exit nozzle, 88mm steering nozzle. My guess is that this is stock. Anyone to concur?

    John B.

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    I concour well sort of...

    I have a stock stxr nozzle no fins at 80mm
    Steering coming in at 89mm It measured about 88.7 and 88.9 so closer to 89mm

    So the whole fins or no fins thing ...not sure what to say about that..??

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